School Management System

35,000.00 22,000.00

School version 5 new features included –

  • Whole new examination module with different patterns of exams
  • Different types of exams
  • Subject selection of exams
  • Generate consolidated marksheet
  • Print professional marksheet
  • Print examination admit card
  • Import exam marks
  • Online examination
  • Custom fields for student and staff
  • Biometric device support for automated attendance
  • Audit trail
  • Student online admission form
  • Period wise attendance
  • Flexible timetable schedule repeated subjects in a same day
  • Teachers Timetable
  • Add students in multiple class-sections
  • Auto generated admission number in pre define sequence
  • Multiple fees collection at same time
  • Fees Fine after due date
  • Discount and Fine in %
  • Staff import
  • Library book import
  • Active multiple languages at same time
  • Apply leave for student
  • 3 new front site themes
  • 1 New admin panel theme
  • And many new features

Managing students and other resources are crucial for any school. Smart School helps you to manage everything in centralize way –

  • Take student admission with powerful student admission form add 40+ records for student including previous school details. Add student siblings, RTE, IDs and multiple documents to maintain complete record in student profile.
  • Search student with different criteria and keywords.
  • Student profile consist 360* student record with admission, personal, contact, fees, exam and document details.
  • Promote student in next academic session based on pass/fail and continue/leaving school.
  • Categories students in a class-section based on different criteria like caste, their skill ability etc.
  • Most advanced fees collection mechanism to adopt any type of fees structure including fees type, fees groups, fees masters, free hand fees (2.2.0), due date, fine, discount, fees and discount allotment on more than 5 different criteria. State of the art fees collection page. Various fees reports.
  • Manage school other income and expense head wise with receipt upload (2.2.0).
  • Manage student attendance smartly in few clicks. Get attendance report monthly class-section wise.
  • Complete examination management from exam create to exam schedule to marks entry to progress report (2.2.0) with grades.
  • Manage classes, section subjects, teacher, assign subject and create class timetable.
  • Manage downloadable content for students, teacher like syllabus, assignments, study material etc.
  • Complete library management system with books add, members add, books issue/return.
  • Manage school vehicle/bus/van, routes, driver details.
  • Manage school hostel, hostel rooms with room types.
  • Send messages to students, parent and teachers through notice board.
  • Get various reports based on students, fees statement, transaction, balance fees, attendance, exam.

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